5 week blog for students in Years 5-9 English. Blog overviewplanning grid  and blog tasks are downloadable.

Minimum requirements: Students complete ONE task per week from the CONNECT, PREDICT, QUESTION, SUMMARISE and VISUALISE tasks.
Enrichment options: Students complete as many tasks as they like, including the CRITIQUE, CREATE and ACT options.

What are the Super 6 skills?
Connecting, predicting, questioning, monitoring, summarising and visualising – these six ‘super’ skills form a repertoire for actively processing text and making meaning. When we share these skills with students – and name the skills so students can name and use them independently – students greatly improve their reading comprehension and inferential reading skills.

What are the ++ skills for 21st century learning?
We want our students to critique and to create in response to texts. We want them to take action together to make the world a better place.

Lizzie Chase
[email protected]


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