After we have read an inspiring book, we may feel like taking action to make a difference in the world. Send us hyperlinks to videos or to pictures or slideshows in Box.com, PhotoPeach or Animoto which show the actions you have taken to work for a better school, community, environment or world.

Blog tasks – There are four options – Choose 1
Read My very own room by Amada Irma Perez in the International Children’s Digital Library. Click on Read books – Write title in the KEYWORDS search box to find the book.

1.Make a kitchen vegetable garden to grow and share some of your own food.
2.Run a campaign to raise awareness about an important issue – create a 2 minute video to inform and persuade.
3.Raise funds to support an important cause – explain about the cause when you post a link to pictures of your fund raising event.
4.Own choice – make a difference – tell us about the issue and what you did.


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